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Meet our co-workers

Some of our co-workers describe their jobs and what it’s like working at Recipharm.

Carina, Planner
“After seven years in Planning, going to work is still engaging and fun. Recipharm is a company where there’s a lot happening! The factory at Monts became part of the Recipharm group in mid-2007 and since then we’ve gained new projects and new customers. This sets high standards of flexibility for us; we have to keep up with new developments. It’s interesting and challenging having to find new solutions nearly every day to situations that crop up. With the right attitude, most things can be solved!

As a Planner at Recipharm Monts SAS in France, I and my colleagues in the Planning Team are responsible for coordinating activities so that production meets customers’ needs. We monitor the entire production line, ensuring that each section of production is equipped with the right components at the right time in order to deliver what we’ve promised. This is complex work, as there is an enormous amount to consider. The best thing about the job is that I get to have so much contact with so many different people; customers, suppliers and different departments within the company. I get to use my knowledge of English and social skills a great deal.”

Björn, Machine Engineer
”For me, it’s important to develop professionally. After a few years as a Machine Operator at Recipharm Karlskoga, I have been working as a Machine Engineer during the last one and a half years. Thanks to this change of assignment, I have really had a new start which feels very good. I enjoy working in this environment, Recipharm is a good employer and I’m happy about the benefits that we have here. Also, I like that there is an even spread between men and women in the company.
I work with repairs and maintenance of all our machines in Karlskoga, the same machines that I worked with as an Operator. My work is very varied; it can be urgent maintenance, function maintenance or plain repairs. Problem solution is the part of my work I enjoy the most, but at the same time the most challenging. Apart from having good knowledge about the machines, I think that my work requires that you are good at trouble shooting and a bit energetic. Other important qualities are the ability to cooperate well with others and to cope with time pressure and stress.”

Kickie, Audit Manager
“Coming to Recipharm after almost 20 years in various large pharma companies really was a happy coincidence for me, and I’m very pleased. I feel an enormous affinity with the parent company that I work for. I benefit from working in a company where I know everyone and which doesn’t feel like a large company. At the same time, I can learn about the workings of the entire group.

I started work in November 2008 as an Audit Manager at Recipharm AB. My experience with various areas such as CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls), quality development and quality assurance in various roles with a wide variety of products has given me a solid knowledge base which is a huge help in my current job. The position of Audit Manager involves verifying whether our suppliers and individual companies are working according to various regulations, including GMP, ICH and ISO standards.

I really like everything about my work! I appreciate the fact that drug manufacturing is so controlled and regulators have provided guidance for operating in a manner that provides our customers with quality drug products. The job is sociable, varied and never boring. I spend more than half my working hours travelling to various different countries and a wide variety of companies. This means I do most things off my own bat so it is important to be able to get around and manage different situations which may arise. To do my job well – in other words produce a good, effective audit of an operation – means taking new approaches and being fresh and creative in my thinking each day.”