Our strategies

1. Supplying innovative expertise

The key factors that allow us to meet customer expectations are extensive pharmaceutical knowledge accumulated throughout our long history, including efforts to extend our offering with specific technologies to make it more comprehensive. This provides us with a competitive advantage to meet increasing customers' expectations in quality and lead-time.

2. A global Development Services offering

Supporting customers in developing new products and market access allows us to generate sustainable organic growth and helps to secure recurrent manufacturing services. Our newly restructured Development Services organisation combined with a global supply footprint appeals to all kinds of customers, from emerging companies to specialty pharma but also large pharmaceutical companies.

3. Increasing our share of the value chain

We develop our service offering in line with customer needs and create value for them. By combining services such as API and formulation development with clinical and commercial supply, we accelerate the development process and simplify supply chains. Additionally, we assist with regulatory support, leading to further improvements of time-to market for commercial launches in multiple countries and regions.

4. Consolidating the CDMO industry

We have successfully completed over sixteen company acquisitions and asset-backed manufacturing partnerships to date. This proven track record demonstrates our ability to influence and drive consolidation across the CDMO industry. The consolidation trend allows us to continue to build on our existing capabilities with new assets that complement our current product and service offering. Our acquisition targets include competitors but also new outsourcing agreements with pharmaceutical companies who wish to externalise their manufacturing of some products associated with the transfer of manufacturing assets – a so-called asset-backed manufacturing partnership.

5. Streamlining operations 

At every stage of a project, we strive to optimise operations, effectively utilise resources and maximise efficiency by implementing lean methods throughout the organisation. Recently, Recipharm made a strategic decision to close the Ashton under-Lyne facility. We also divested the rights to the ThyroSafe® product outside the US market but will continue to manufacture the product for the acquirer.

6. Employing excellent people

Operating in a competitive environment, supplying highly demanding customers, needs talented people. It is vital to attract, develop and retain excellent individuals. We promote internally and nurture potential through a strong employee development programme. This creates exciting opportunities for our people to develop their skills, excel and grow in the organisation. As an example, we have started an international assignments program in cooperation with Business France and the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Within the scope of this program, four young assignees were placed at Recipharm facilities during 2017 and 2018 in Sweden, India and the UK, holding different functions. This program will be extended in 2019.