Our strategies

Supplying innovative expertise

We fulfil and surpass the expectations of our customers. Two significant factors explain how Recipharm consistently achieves this: extensive pharmaceutical know-how gathered during our long history and a deliberate plan to develop and incorporate highly specialised technologies into our full service offering. The result is the Recipharm competitive advantage. 

We are committed to the continuous effort to enhance our skills and capabilities, to develop our infrastructure so we provide a wider array of products and more integrated services – all this to make the development and supply chain of our discerning customers more efficient and competitive. Through this commitment we have earned our reputation: Recipharm – a reputable and ethical company.

Capturing emerging growth 

The pharmaceutical industry anticipates a dramatic regional shift to the Pharmerging Markets. Estimates predict 2/3 of the global medicine doses – also set to rise by 24% – will be consumed in these emerging regions by 2020. This transfer of demand has created an intensifying challenge for our customers and their supply chain. 

To meet the future needs of our customers, our new Indian acquisition provides access to low-cost, high-quality manufacturing on the subcontinent. This strategic move presents a unique opportunity for Recipharm to gain widespread recognition as a true global player. 

Consolidating the CDMO industry

We have completed more than 15 successful company acquisitions and asset backed manufacturing partnerships. This proven track record establishes our expertise and aptitude to participate in and influence the consolidation of the CDMO sector. 

The current consolidation trend provides outstanding opportunities for Recipharm to advance and complement our product and service offering. Prospects include competitors below critical size to remain competitive and asset backed manufacturing partnerships particularly from Big Pharmas – bringing with them new customers.

Streamlining operations 

At every step we strive to optimise resources. Our aim is to maximise productivity and create value for our customers. To achieve this, we apply the Lean method throughout the Recipharm organisation. Our diligent commitment to streamlining operations means we supply first-rate services for good value for money. Most importantly, we can respond rapidly to our customers’ shifting needs as we add manufacturing and development facilities to the Recipharm Group.