Code of Conduct

Rules of ethics

Reliability is essential for our business success and can only be created if trust exists. 
Ourcustomers must be able to have confidence in us. Our profits are based upon how well we can demonstrate reliability. We must therefore ensure that our conduct meets high ethical standards.

We must also follow national and international laws and regulations, as they apply in each country where we do business, and must not in any way ignore global group policies, our values, or the reputation of our brand. We should comply with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. 


This Policy applies to all companies (subsidiaries, affiliates) and employees in the Group, regardless of entity or country. We must all work according to the rules, and maintain a high level of integrity and honesty. Our actions must reflect our mission and basic values.

Our Code of Conduct is our statement of ethical and compliance principles that guide our daily operations. The Code of Conduct establishes that we expect management, employees and agents of our company to act in accordance with law and applicable company policy. The Code articulates our fundamental principles, values and framework for action within our Group.

All managers are required to communicate information regarding the Rules of Ethics, and to ensure that these are understood and observed. All managers must strengthen the Rules by setting a good example. No one is authorised to allow exceptions from these Rules.


To be acknowledged as the best in class provider of contract development and manufacturing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry by our customers, employees and other stakeholders. 


We offer our expertise and facilities for the development, production and supply of pharmaceuticals to demanding customers for global use.

We reward success, encourage personal and professional development and offer exciting challenges and participation in the company’s development.

We contribute to the improvement of health and care for the environment.

We shall be characterised by pride in our company, high quality standards, creativity and delivering on our promises.

Our values


Norms of Conduct

What are considered to be proper business practices and the infringement of these varies from country to country and industry to industry.

Recipharm supports free trade and strives to reach its business goals with a fair competition. We shall always strive to compete in a fair and ethical way. We don’t accept direct or indirect offers, demands or bribes of any kind.

Gifts, invitations and private privileges must only be accepted from a third party if this would comply with proper business practices and does not violate regulations of the Group or applicable law or custom.

Employees shall not offer, solicit or accept gifts, kick backs, invitations or other individual privileges that might affect any business transaction. Invitations may only be given or accepted in cases where they would be within the limits of proper business practices. If there is any question, the employee must always discuss the matter with his/hers supervisor who will decide how to proceed.

Under our ethical standards, each employee is accountable for:

  • Treating all customers and suppliers in a fair and honest manner.
  • Safeguarding and properly using Group properties, information, assets and resources.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of non-public information and not acting on such information for personal gain.
  • Communicating in a honest, open and genuine manner.
  • Adhering to Group standards for protecting the environment and safety and health of our employees, our customer, our communities and contractors.
Equality and diversity

All employees must be treated with respect and dignity and offered equal opportunities for personal development and advancement.
We appreciate the individual qualities, diversity and creativity contributed by every employee and support continuous knowledge and skills development.

The recruitment, remuneration and promotion of prospective employees must primarily be evaluated based on the person’s competence and potential in relation to the tasks to be performed. If local law or regulations may require companies to make exceptions to this rule in order to promote diversity and equality through affirmative action, they should be followed.

Success and development within the Group should be determined only by above-mentioned criteria and the capacity to work and produce.

Discrimination and bullying

Discrimination against any kind of employee, supplier or customer in the Group shall not be acceptable. Sexual harassment or discrimination based on gender, sexual preference, age, religion, ethnicity or skin colour is prohibited.

Protection of our environment

We shall comply with all applicable environmental legislation. We shall continuously improve our environmental standards through our accredited environmental management system

Working environment

Recipharm shall comply with local occupational health and safety legislation and other work environment related requirements applying to its business. The objective is to maintain a healthy work environment, not only physically, but mentally and socially.

The company shall therefore support and provide employees with an opportunity to achieve a good balance between working life and family life. Men and women shall have the same opportunity to a good career, equal wages for equal work, as well as the same rights to take parental leave (the latter in accordance with local regulations).

We shall follow local law and regulations regarding working hours.

We do not accept any abuse of alcohol or other drugs, which could be hazardous to health or may cause accidents at work. Instead we want to create a healthy and sound working environment.

Political activity

Every employee has a right to express opinions or engage in political discourse. However, it is not acceptable as a representative of our Group to express personal opinions about political issues, religious matters or anything else that might raise controversy regarding our operations in a country in which the Group does business, or which might affect our possibilities to carry on our business and produce satisfactory profits.

Conflicts of interest or sidelines

Employees are obliged to commit themselves to the business of the Group to fully protect the interests of the Group and completely disregard their own interests and gain when performing their tasks.

All employees must avoid situations where personal, family-related or financial interests may come in conflict with the best interests of the Group. Any sideline position or situation which may give rise to a conflict of interest must immediately be reported to, and discussed with, a higher ranking manager.

Some examples of situations that should be reported:

  • The hiring of a relative, regardless of position.
  • Personal interest in any business or transactions where your objectivity can be questioned.
  • A sideline position in another operation that might compete with, or affect your own work or our business.
  • The law regarding insider trading should always be complied with and employees are responsible to keep themselves updated on its content.
Group assets and resources

Group assets must be kept safely and must only be used for purposes of developing the business of the company, and not for private gain.

People that have access to company assets must be aware that they have an administrative responsibility to the owners.

Undertakings and expenses must be of a nature that can be justified to the owners.

The Group assets include not only tangible assets but also intangible ones, such as computer software systems, business secrets, confidential information and know-how of different kinds. All employees must be aware of and follow the company rules regarding such assets.

Information that is created in the Group, including information regarding R&D, production, expenses, prices, profits, customers, markets and business plans and strategies, shall belong to the Group and may not be divulged to any party outside the Group without necessary authorisation, unless this shall be required by law.

Group policies, delegated responsibility and authority

All employees are expected to read, be aware of and comply with the policy guidelines of the Company. These policies are available on Recidens.
It is also the responsibility of every manager to know and communicate existing rules and regulations.

The Code of Conduct as well as our Global Group Policy and values are guidelines but do not cover all situations. Our values guide us in how we should act when there is no expressly prescribed course of behaviour. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Global Compact are other guidelines to follow. If there are any doubts, the matter should be discussed with your supervisor.

Employees who are aware of, or suspect any violation of the standards in this Code are responsible for reporting such matters to their supervisors or the CEO immediately. There will be no retribution against any employee for making such report in good faith.
Recipharm will enforce this Code of conduct by imposing penalties when this Code is violted.

Whistleblower policy

Employees who are aware of or suspect any violation of the standards in this Code should report such matters to their supervisor, the next level manager or to the local HR department. There will be no retribution against any employee for making such a report in good faith. The Company may enforce the Code by taking disciplinary action in the case of violations. If an employee is uncomfortable reporting misconduct or violations of the Code to their supervisor or next level manager, they may send a notification at with the company code kng483. All reports to will be dealt with under the management of the CEO. It is also possible to make a notification via telephone at +46 77 177 99 77.

Recipharm will at all times respect employees’ wishes for confidentiality. If a person making a whistleblower report wishes to be anonymous, there will be no attempts to identify the person.

Recipharm will not tolerate any form of reprisals on an employee due to notification in accordance with the above procedure.

Continued Compliance

Once a year, the members of Group Management Team, General Managers and other key employees must confirm in writing that they have conducted all operations under their control in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

Recipharm Code of Conduct