Collaboration on novel drug delivery technologies

Our collaboration with Altus Formulation Inc. provides our customers with the opportunity to develop new products utilising Altus' patented INTELLITAB™ and FLEXITAB™, new drug delivery technologies.

INTELLITAB™ is a novel misuse and abuse deterrent technology that mitigates the dangers of over-exposure to opioids that can occur due to inadvertent or deliberate tampering with immediate release or extended release narcotics. To date, the technology has been used for the development of both narcotic and stimulant products for sale in North America.

Learn how INTELLITAB™ technology can bring safe and effective products to patients.

FLEXITAB™ is a commercially validated extended release technology enabling alcohol resistant tablets that maintain their performance after breaking to generate bio-equivalent lower strength tablets. The technology can be used to generate novel enhanced generic tablets and to increase the value of existing non-breakable extended release products.

Explore the new innovative and commercially validated drug delivery platform of FLEXITAB™.
Partnership for sparingly soluble compounds

Our partnership with Synthonics Inc. opens up possibilities to use metal coordination to address issues related to solubility, absorption, delivery and toxicity. So if your project has this specific requirement, we have the extended expertise to help.

Learn more about our developments with metal coordinated pharmaceuticals.
Collaboration for faster clinical trials

Through our collaboration with CTC, Clinical Trial Consultants AB, we offer coordination and full responsibility throughout the Phase I trial making it simpler, faster and more cost efficient. The clinical unit is located at the Uppsala Academic Hospital in Sweden but is privately held. This unit is less than an hour drive from our development site in Solna Sweden.

For customers aiming to get to the trial stage quickly, this is a fast way to obtain first in man or bioequivalence data. As we work collaboratively, the time needed is reduced significantly and we can provide more information than is possible when working independently. A close collaboration between the CTM manufacturing team and the clinical site also facilitates adaptive study design in order to increase development speed.

Discover how we take responsibility for your full phase 1 requirements with Recipharm Pathway to Clinic®.
Working with Uppsala University for scientific depth

By financing and supervising a PhD student within the Department of Pharmacy at Uppsala University, a world-leading university within the area of pharmaceutical technology, we stay updated on the latest developments in the field. This helps us to apply the newest research results when solving development problems.

Collaboration on solid state characterisation

Solid state characterisation is extremely important in drug candidate selection as well as in formulation development. In order to ensure state of the art support in this area we have entered into a partnership with Adroit Science AB. The company has access to all relevant characterisation techniques such as powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction, thermoanalytical methods, dynamic vapour sorption, Raman spectroscopy, NMR, scanning electron microscopy (including EDS SEM for simultaneous elemental analysis) and much more.

Find out how our partnership with Adroit Science AB benefits your formulation development.
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