Custom synthesis

Our experienced custom synthesis team can help you with your need for compounds which are not commercially available. We are specialised in designing complex multi-step syntheses from milligram to kilogram scale and we pursue our goals with great tenacity. With the aid of our committed and well-equipped analytical team we are able to keep a very high general standard with regards to what we can do in the lab.

Besides the synthesis of known compounds and patent examples, our specialities include:

  • Synthesis of complex heterocycles, sugars, steroids, ADC linkers, phosphates
  • Preparation of reference standards and internal standards with stable isotopes
  • Target fishing compounds
  • Identification and synthesis of proposed impurities or metabolites

It is important for us to tailor the syntheses to the customer's needs and to collaborate closely to solve any challenges. Thus we encourage active scientific discussions within the ongoing projects, and this approach allows us to anticipate and be pro-active. Thanks to this mindset, we are successful in the absolute majority of projects undertaken. Of course the IP generated during the projects belongs to our customers.

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