Drug substance

For over 20 years, we have helped clients shape their product offerings by continually innovating and developing new technologies and processes. So it’s fair to say, we know what we’re doing. We are ideally placed to deliver a wide range of drug substance services from our dedicated development facilities, each designed to adapt to customer needs.

With our extensive experience in medicinal chemistry we will help you to optimise potency, solubility and pharmacokinetics of your hit substance in order to progress your project towards the clinic.

With many years of hands-on experience of large scale manufacturing of APIs, our development chemists know what it takes to develop a milligram procedure to a kilogram process.

Our multi-purpose API plant manufactures several API products at a time, handling high pressure, high temperature (up to 150 degrees Celsius) and low temperature (down to –80 degrees Celsius) reactions. Batch sizes are available in a wide range, supporting early development as well as commercial needs.