Mini-tablets with a diameter of about 2-3 mm have many applications. Their small size makes them easy to swallow, allow dose flexibility and functional coatings can be applied in order to achieve modified release of active drugs. Their small size also makes them ideal for use in fixed dose combinations.

Mini-tablets of one type can also be mixed with other mini-tablets, pellets, granules or powders and be filled in a capsule in order to avoid incompatibilities in combination products, or in order to achieve advanced drug release profiles. Mini-tablets for multiple unit modified release application allow a higher drug loading than drug layering on an inert core.

In principle the development and manufacture of mini-tablets is similar to the development and manufacture of larger tablets. However, successful development of mini-tablets requires very high competence as many issues are enhanced by their small size.

We have the experience in tableting, coating and packaging required for successful mini-tablet development. We also understand how to fill mini-tablets in capsules or how to adapt them for use in dispensing equipment.

Currently a number of mini-tablet projects are in development within Recipharm with our first developed mini-tablet product registered in 2014. In one project we have also developed a nearly spherical mini-tablet for a particular dose automat. Our experienced team are available to help develop a mini-tablet product suitable to your requirements.