Optimised excipient selection

We recognise that low aqueous solubility of drug molecules is a major challenge in the development of liquid formulations, driving the need for new and efficient methods in selecting solubilising excipients. Recipharm’s formulation team has introduced our proprietary high-throughput screen (HTS) platform for solubility testing to help you achieve optimum formulation for your molecule faster than ever.

At every stage of the formulation process we are dedicated to ensuring that your development pathway is as efficient as possible. Our HTS approach overcomes the challenges of manual techniques by rapidly identifying the solubilisation capacity and stability of a compound in a range of excipients. The automated process performs multiple tests simultaneously to provide conclusive information about your compound’s solubility and stability, ensuring your target drug dosage forms are reached.

Key advantages of our HTS method include:
  • Selection of optimum solubility enhancing excipients
  • Automated approach
  • Material sparing
  • Cost efficiency
  • Short timeline i.e. 3-5 days per set of compounds

Through our deep understanding of your formulation needs, our high-performance excipient selection method revolutionises the way we help you to evaluate the solubility of your compound.

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