Business model

By uniting licensed development and manufacturing companies across Europe, India and the US, our business has been designed to deal with most dosage presentation needs in the quantities and timeframes our clients require. Local service from a global company. That’s what we’re all about.

As our company has expanded over the years, we have worked hard at staying true to our fundamental promise of providing customers with flexibility, local adaptation and focus every step of the way.

The core essentials of our business model are:

  1. Stand-alone operations with their own strong management teams that promote local decisions, site flexibility and local sales.
  2. Consistency and continuity between our development and manufacturing facilities to provide a smooth and efficient transfer throughout the drug development cycle to commercial manufacturing.
  3. Group central management to ensure strategic alignment across the companies.
  4. Our customers view us as Recipharm. One single brand that unites our business and delivers value for money at every stage of the life cycle.

We know our business model differs from most other global CDMOs and that’s fine by us. We pride ourselves on its innovative nature. We exist and operate to meet your needs and reduce your risk, wherever you are. Given our track record and the customer loyalty we have achieved since 1995, our model seems to be doing its job rather well.