GMP manufacturing

Recipharm's multi-purpose plant can manufacture several API products at a time, including generic and hormonal APIs. The facility is equipped to handle high pressure reactions as well as high temperature (up to 150 degrees Celsius) and low temperature (down to –80 degrees Celsius) reactions. We also offer a number of different batch sizes ranging from 20L to 6000L, supporting early development and commercial needs.

Our development facilities have excellent track records in medicinal chemistry and can carry out exploratory work, optimisation and up-scaling of early syntheses.

Recipharm also runs a dedicated beta-lactam plant for the lyophilisation of bulk APIs.

Available APIs
Products Regulatory
Blonanserin   EU-DMF / J-DMF
Clenbuterol HCl EU-DMF / CoS
Dex-Medetomidine HCl** EU-DMF / US-DMF
Erdosteine EU-DMF / K-DMF
Glimepiride EU-DMF / CoS
Indapamide EU-DMF / CoS
Levobupivacaine HCl** EU-DMF
Lornoxicam* EU-DMF
Lurasidone HCl US-DMF
Midodrine HCl EU-DMF / US-DMF / J-DMF
Nicorandil EU-DMF
Prednicarbate EU-DMF – CoS
Procaterol HCl Hemihydrate EU-DMF / J-DMF
Ropivacaine HCl Monohydrate** EU-DMF / CoS
Tenoxicam* EU-DMF / CoS / J-DMF
Tirofiban base** EU-DMF
Tirofiban HCl** EU-DMF
Tulobuterol EU-DMF / US-DMF / J-DMF
Urapidil* EU-DMF

* Oral & injectable grades        
** Injectable grade

N.B. Products are not offered in countries where valid patents exist. The final responsibility with respect to third party patent rights in a specific country lies exclusively with the user. Products under development are supplied for R&D purposes only and in compliance with Italian law and as permitted under 35 USC 271.

GMP manufacturing support

Working to meet your early development and commercial needs.