2021 packaging trends

There are several key trends currently underway that are transforming the European pharmaceutical industry and changing the way it operates.

CDMOs and packaging partners are responding to these changing requirements and are working to support customers who need to transport their products across the UK/EU border as smoothly as possible.

COVID has driven surging demand for vaccine capacities such as fill-finish, secondary packaging, specialist handling, and shipping requirements. 

This surge has caused a knock-on effect across other areas of production, prompting CMOs and CPOs to expand their capacity for providing specific packaging and logistics capabilities to support their products. 

In addition, Brexit continues to impact supply chains on both sides of the Channel, with regulations, export procedures, and pharmaceutical packaging governing cross-border trade changing dramatically.

This friction at the border poses challenges to pharmaceutical companies on both sides of the Channel. If they want to continue to thrive, they must explore new ways to adapt. 

In a recent Q&A with Manufacturing Chemist, Lukas Spanier at Recipharm explores these trends and explains the changes pharmaceutical companies need to make to adapt and thrive. 

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