The benefits of outsourcing to CDMOs

Outsourcing offers pharmaceutical companies many benefits. For example, contract development and manufacturing organisations (CDMOs) possess specialised expertise, knowledge and capabilities in the areas required for the development and manufacture of drug products.

By providing a full-service offering, we can progress a drug to market with less supply chain complexity and, thus, more efficiently.

Some CDMOs, such as Recipharm, have the capacity to work on a project from early development through to commercial manufacturing. As such, they gain a solid understanding of the drug product being developed and are better equipped to handle any challenges that may arise during a project. As a result, this end-to-end service offering delivers an efficient manufacturing process and can improve supply chain efficiency.

Mark Quick, vice president of corporate development, at Recipharm discusses the key advantages of outsourcing to contract service providers within the current competitive market. He also sheds light on how Recipharm standardised its serialisation solution to enable simple compliance for its customers and outlines projects embarked upon to continuously improve its operations.

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