A CDMO’s insight into the pharma M&A landscape

In light of the current situation, there is a global concern across the pharmaceutical industry around what the COVID-19 pandemic means for the global supply chain, the current pharma M&A activity taking place in the market and ultimately how CDMOs will be impacted in the long-term. As a company, we have been looking more closely at our supply chain processes and how we can be proactive in our approach during these turbulent times. Our Executive Vice President at Recipharm, Mark Quick, spoke with Speciality Chemicals about the M&A trend in the CDMO industry and the impact of COVID-19. 
It is widely known that all CDMOs are trying to strengthen their position in the industry by extending the range of services they offer to customers, and this remains true since the outbreak of COVID-19. 

M&A strategies can help secure long-term success by providing the means to deliver end-to-end drug development and manufacturing services. It is fair to say that adjusting our manufacturing strategies and processes due to the emergence of precision medicine has been a tricky, but by ensuring we were both agile and flexible in our approach we have been able to prepare for these new drug pipeline requirements.

Acquisitions are a great way to help cater for customers from early stage development though to commercial manufacture. Following our recent acquisition of Consort Medical, we now have an end-to-end specialised service offering for the design, development, and manufacture of drug delivery devices for inhalation and injectable products. As a team, we are hoping that this will strengthen our existing capabilities by incorporating additional processes to our supply chain. 

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