CDMO outsourcing for inhalation drug development

A CDMO with inhalation development experience will understand the intricacies involved with and the unique requirements of the development pathway.

Many pharmaceutical companies possess limited in-house expertise to manufacture inhalation drugs, meaning they are increasingly opting to outsource inhalation drug development to contract development and manufacturing organisations (CDMOs) who have established production capabilities. To this end, sponsors are exploring the advantages of working with CDMOs that offer end-to-end services in order to reduce timescales and minimise the challenges faced during tech transfer and scale-up. 

Lei Mao, Director of Inhalation Science and Product Development at Recipharm discusses the key considerations in outsourcing inhalation drug development, exploring specialised requirements and the key causes of development delays. He also sheds light on the benefits working with a CDMO offers companies. 

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