The changing face of auto-injector technology

The auto-injector industry has grown substantially over the last 20 years and is continuing to develop at a rapid rate. This growth is driven by several factors, but particularly the increase in the number of parenteral treatments available for chronic diseases.

Today, the use of liquefied gas as a powder source for auto-injectors has presented several benefits to the market

Many of these therapies are monoclonal antibodies that require high doses, resulting in high-viscosity liquids which are challenging to inject with a typical spring-based auto-injector. Newer technologies such as the Syrina® platform auto-injector can provide a soft start and a constant rate of injection to allow injection of these high viscosity products. 

In addition, Bespak by Recipharm has developed a Vapoursoft® powered platform with “off-the-shelf” options that can offer drug developers multiple configurations that allow for fast changes to a device according to the needs of a specific therapy. 

In this article with On Drug Delivery, our Business Development Director at Bespak by Recipharm, Reenal Gandhi, discusses the advantages of liquefied gas powered auto-injector technology and leveraging a platform model to simplify drug delivery device development. 

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