The demand for antibiotics and its impact on the pharmaceutical industry since the outbreak of COVID-19

Given the prevalence of the COVID-19 virus, Recipharm has been experiencing an increase in demand for antibiotic production. With the current climate, the supply of antibiotics is especially important as secondary bacterial infections are very common in severely ill COVID-19 patients. Consequently, we have seen an increased demand of potent antibiotics like Piperacilline/Tazobactam, Ampicilline, Sulbactam, Ceftriaxone.

We are working hard to meet the demand for such antibiotics by ensuring our facilities can continue to operate while at the same time protecting employee safety. Maintaining the supply of critical medicines during difficult times such as these is of course a complex journey, but one that Recipharm is more than equipped to handle. At present Recipharm continues to meet customer demand. 

Of course, the manufacturing of antibiotics can only be performed in dedicated plants with the right technology and capabilities. Currently, our expert team manufactures antibiotics in four facilities for their customers. In these plants we are taking measures such as increasing the safety stock of both API and raw material and also looking at increasing shifts and recruiting more personnel where required.

Operational efficiency and managing complexity are both inherently part of all Recipharm’s manufacturing processes, but will be particularly important as we strive to continue to meet this rise in demand over the coming weeks and months. 
We would like to reassure our customers that we are doing, and will continue to do our utmost to support them during this testing time. We are taking the correct steps at all our relevant facilities to ensure the delivery of antibiotics to our customers and to patients quickly, efficiently and smoothly.