Developing connectivity across a range of auto-injectors

The global injectable drug delivery devices market is expected to show significant growth in the coming years as manufacturers introduce technological advancements and product innovation meant to improve convenience, compliance, and ease of administration of parenterals. Additionally, the increasing preference for at home self-injection is driving the market as patients prefer to continue to avoid healthcare settings post COVID.

Adding digital features to auto-injectors without adding any additional user steps is key to the adoption of such new technology.

However, as delivery devices become more technologically advanced, for example, many devices are now digitally connected, it is imperative that this does not compromise ease of use to ensure patient adoption is maintained. 

In an article with Drug Development and Delivery, our Global Business Development Director at Bespak by Recipharm, Hans Jensen, discusses the reasons behind the recent acceleration in development of auto-injector devices and explores the factors to consider when developing smarter drug delivery devices.  

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