Developments driving drug delivery

The rapid growth in biopharmaceuticals, an increasingly complex drug landscape, and the rising expectations from consumers around administration convenience, are all contributing factors driving demand for new delivery solutions across the pharma industry.

Inhalation products are very useful not only when treating respiratory diseases, but also central nervous system diseases.

Large-molecule drug substances are becoming more complex, presenting both manufacturing and formulation challenges—particularly with the inherent difficulties around ensuring the drug’s stability until it reaches the target organ and concerns over administration convenience outside the clinical environment.

In addition, the recent use of mRNA technology in the treatment of COVID-19 has paved the way for formulators to target other infectious diseases with similar treatments. With this in mind it is essential that drug developers and manufacturers consider drug delivery systems early on in development activity to ensure a smooth path to market for these products.

In this article with PharmTech, Arul Balasundaram, formulation manager at Recipharm discusses the need for the development of innovative delivery solutions, for example inhalation, and what this innovation could mean for patients.

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