Dosage form development trends and technologies

The last five to ten years have seen substantial changes across the pharmaceutical industry, many of which have had a significant impact on the dosage forms used for the administration of drugs. 

All of these developments are translating into rapid evolution for the dosage forms we use to deliver drugs to patients.

The industry is being transformed by the growing trend of developing new, enhanced drug products based on established and widely used APIs. Improved drug products with the same drug substance can deliver significant benefits, most importantly to their therapeutic effect, but also to manufacturing efficiency, cutting development timelines, and reducing costs. 

This trend requires changes to the way drugs are administered to increase both their convenience of use and their therapeutic effect.

Torkel Gren, Senior Director Technology Officer Strategic Investments at @Recipharm, spoke with Pharmaceutical Outsourcing about the biggest changes the pharma sector has faced over the last decade. You can read more in @PharmaceuticalOutsourcing’s digital magazine here.