From formulation development to Phase 1 clinical trials

Getting a drug from formulation development to first in human (FIH) trials can be a complex process that costs pharmaceutical companies huge amounts of time and money, and if a drug fails, it can be catastrophic for the businesses involved.

Attrition rates are high, with just 10% of new candidates successfully being launched to market.


Developing a strategic approach to Phase I can help companies to navigate the challenges of drug development and take new drugs to proof of concept (POC) quickly and safely.

Recipharm recently announced its partnership with the Clinical Trial Consultants (CTC) in Sweden and launched Recipharm Pathway to Clinic® , which is designed to offer customers a start-to-finish service from formulation development to Phase 1 clinical trials.

In this article with Manufacturing Chemist, Torkel Gren, General Manager at Recipharm Pharmaceutical Development and Anders Millerhovf, CEO of CTC discuss the benefits of adopting an integrated approach to taking a drug to POC.

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