The inhalation drug combination equation

Tackling the challenges of combination drug development can be difficult. There are many obstacles facing developers of combination inhalation treatments, so what are they and how can they be overcome?

Multiple API products can be an ideal way for drug companies to meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers, and to differentiate themselves from competitors in the market.

There has been an incredible rise of prescriptions of inhalation combination products to patients. These cutting-edge products – designed to offer multiple active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in one – are growing in popularity. This has primarily been driven by increasing demand for more effective, cheaper, and more convenient treatments for the rising number of diagnoses for serious respiratory conditions.

Our Director of Inhalation Science and Product Development at Recipharm, Lei Mao, spoke to PMPS Magazine about the obstacles facing developers of combination inhalation treatments and how they can be overcome. 

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