Manufacturing considerations for inhalation drugs

There are several emerging trends set to affect inhalation drug manufacturing. We are seeing increasing use of engineered particles, such as spray drying, rather than traditional micronisation in inhalation formulation development for pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) and dry powder inhalers (DPIs).

The infrastructure to handle complex drug products successfully is significant, with health and safety requirements, environmental conditions and the use of solvents to consider.

Traditionally, many existing drugs are low molecular weight crystalline substances which can be micronized into a targeted size suitable for inhalation product development. These drugs are stable, well understood and are relatively low dose products in the range of micrograms. Many new drugs being developed are complex biomolecules that have issues with physical stability and are often delivered in higher doses owing to their low potency. 

CDMOs are well placed to collaborate with drug developers and help in handling these complex drug products safely and in suitable environmental conditions. It is critical to ensure a robust manufacturing strategy is in place prior to industrialisation of any respiratory drug, regardless of its delivery format. 

In an article with Pharm Tech, our Head of NPI & Commercial Management, Robin Heath and Commercial Vice President, Peter Hirst, discuss more on the manufacturing considerations for inhalation drugs and explore technologies that can be used to improve the efficacy of these drugs as well as their sustainability. 

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