Oral solids: market and technology trends

Oral solid dosage (OSD) products remain the largest segment of the pharmaceutical market. Oral solids continue to be the most commonly used delivery vehicle to get drugs to patients. There are three main factors for this: they are cost-effective, relatively easy to manufacture, and most importantly, are patient friendly.

Developers are turning to MR technology to meet their useability goals for a number of reasons.

However, one key trend affecting the global oral solid dose market is the rise of useability and patient compliance requirements, this is a key concern for drug developers who need to adapt their OSD products to remain competitive. This is fuelling a rapid rise in demand for modified release (MR) oral solid dose products.

Developers are turning to modified release technology to meet their useability goals for several reasons. This technology can be used to extend the period of time that a medicine remains active in the body by maintaining therapeutic blood concentrations for longer than traditional immediate release products. It can also delay action until a drug has reached a specific area, such as the small intestine, through the use of special coatings reducing the need for high doses of API and thus reducing the likelihood of side effects. 

Here, Torkel Gren, our Senior Director, Technology Officer and Strategic Investments at Recipharm discusses the current trends in the oral solids market and the growing demand for modified release expertise in an article with Contract Pharma.

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