Outsourcing formulation development & manufacturing

The growing burden of chronic diseases and elevated global awareness of vaccines is leading to a surge in outsourcing formulation development services. As more pharma/biopharma companies opt to partner with CDMOs, much of this activity is occurring in the early phase of development with the goal of overcoming risk, along with saving time and money as a drug passes through the development pipeline.

We are committed to providing the infrastructure and capacity to support customers through the drug substance and drug product development process to bring these innovative small-molecule treatments to clinical trial.

At Recipharm, we are continuously looking to improve our aseptic fill-finish capabilities for sterile liquids, and lyophilized products. We are also working to increase our dedicated manufacturing capability for small batches of GMP drug substances in addition to large batches for commercial.

In an article with Drug Development and Delivery, Our Science & Technology Officer Torkel Gren, highlights Recipharm’s formulation development and manufacturing offering, exploring the challenges of complex compounds, poor solubility, and dual-release profiles.

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