Overcoming the challenges of developing inhaled medicine

Pharmaceutical firms are increasingly interested in developing inhaled and nasal delivery formulations. Among many other benefits, administrating drugs via inhalation can reduce the likelihood of patients experiencing adverse effects.

Inhalation drug delivery can help drugs achieve higher bioavailability.

However, the formulation of inhaled medicines requires a very complex process which is not without its challenges. As such, it is important that pharmaceutical companies ensure experts are on hand to help overcome any hurdles and ultimately drive project success.

In this article, Aditya R. Das, Ph.D., MBA, director of business development at Recipharm, discusses the development of inhaled medicines across the sector and the competitive advantages these in-demand drug products can offer manufacturers. He provides an overview of the key considerations that firms should think about during inhalation drug development and manufacture as well as outlining the regulatory review process for products using existing APIs.

For the full article see here: https://www.ipimediaworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Overcoming-the-challenges-of.pdf

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