Patient centricity through formulation

User-friendly drug design is about so much more than improving delivery devices. When it comes to reducing the administration burden for patients, modified-release formulations drugs can also help.

MR dosage forms offer an exciting opportunity to further enhance the user-friendliness – or tolerability – of treatments to improve the therapeutic offering for patients.

When pushing for more patient-centric drug development, much of the focus is on the delivery method and the device. Oral and inhalation medications, for instance, are generally easier for patients to use themselves compared with parenteral drugs. 

However, the latest developments in pre-filled syringes and autoinjectors has helped make self-administration a reality in this latter category. However, it is not enough to simply consider the way a drug is administered when addressing the issue of useability during product development. 

In an article with The Medicine Maker, our Senior Director Formulation Development and Sales – Speciality Oral Solid Dosage Forms, Philippe Gorria explores modified release dosage forms and the importance of patient centricity.

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