The potential impact of Brexit on patient safety

The Spanish pharmaceutical market has proven to be a key source of growth for Recipharm, since the acquisition of its facilities in both Parets and Leganes. With increasing demand from both local clients and other European regions, as well as multinational companies, the business has been able to position itself as a world leader in the CDMO sector.

The turnover of these two plants has been key to the growth of Recipharm, which has allowed us to position ourselves as one of the world leaders in the CDMO sector.

Antonio Lopez, Director of Business Management in Spain and France, at Recipharm spoke to Farma Forum about how the CDMO’s presence in Spain has helped to position the business as one of the world leaders in the CDMO sector. He also discusses how Brexit will impact the pharmaceutical market and the steps Recipharm has taken in preparation for the UK’s departure.  

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