Recipharm’s continuous global support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

Although reports suggest that Europe may be overcoming the peak in coronavirus cases and things are starting to look up for many countries, our Recipharm teams are continuing to support their local communities in every way they can. 

Our Recipharm team in Bengaluru, India, is creating its own hand-sanitiser and is currently awaiting the materials to manufacture the first six batches. The team is aiming to create two batches of hand-sanitiser per day. Once finalised, the bottles will be given to all the local healthcare services that are in desperate need. Hand-sanitiser is an essential item in the fight against COVID-19 and we are thrilled to have the facilities to make our own.

The Leganés team in Spain has also participated in supporting its local community. The team has donated a total of 60, 000 units of personal protective equipment (PPE) to help support the key healthcare employees caring for COVID-19 patients. 

Our team in Pessac, France, has supported other Recipharm colleagues as well as the local community. They supplied our colleagues in Monts, Fontaine and Kayserberg with alcoholic solution and over 400 facial masks. In addition to this generosity, they also supplied masks to their local hospital and nursing home. 

Finally, in addition to the above Recipharm donations, we would also like to thank our friends at Changzhou Sunlight Pharmaceuticals for donating 6,000 surgical masks to the Recipharm team in Parets, Spain. The team is overjoyed with this donation and is so grateful for your support. The masks will protect all our staff who continue to manufacture vital drug products for our customers throughout this difficult time.

This is a great example of how our Recipharm teams across the globe are going above and beyond, not only to support each other but those in the community too.