The Recipharm Journey

As 2020 is draws to a close, our Chief Executive Officer Thomas Eldered looks back on Recipharm’s key milestones this year in an interview with Nordic Life Science News.

Whilst there are several companies offering development or commercial only services, there are very few offering end-to-end services from development to commercialisation of pharmaceuticals. 

This year, Recipharm celebrated 25 years in the contract services business and the growth that has led them to become one of the top five CDMOs in the global pharamceutical industry. 

In his interview, Thomas explores how Recipharm has grown as a business, not only in terms of employees and service offering, but also when it comes to culture, customers and its global market presence. he also discusses how over the years Recipharm has been involved in several acquisitions, as well as innovating new technologies, diversifying dosage forms and increasing its customer base.

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