Recipharm launches new virtual inspection and audit tool for customers, in light of COVID-19 outbreak

At Recipharm, we are dedicated to supporting our customers when they need it most, particularly in these testing times since the outbreak of COVID-19. We are aware that our customers need to work quickly and efficiently, and the current travel restrictions that are in place create many challenges. Therefore, we have provided full and open virtual access to our facilities, to allow potential customers to audit and inspect our services in an operational environment. Inspections of this type are an important part of the decision process in choosing a CDMO.

This initiative will allow our customers to virtually experience our facilities and capabilities, while simultaneously satisfying their need to review the robustness of our processes. While we are continuously monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on all our worldwide operations, we are also working hard to maintain our number one priority, which is to uphold our responsibilities to all our customers. 

These inspections will be held via virtual meetings, and the tours of manufacturing areas and laboratories can be done in a “live” format. We will share our screen and supporting documents, and everyone can input their thoughts and comments. Sessions can last as long as they need to, so long as our customers are fully satisfied with their chance to look around the facilities. We will also be using a live camera for all our site-tours, which will be driven by the auditors, dictating what they want to see and in which order. 

The launch of this process is fully compliant with industry EU-GMP standards. The set-up for these inspections is fully comparable with a physical audit for new and existing customers. In particular, the virtual inspections are fully compliant with chapter 7 of the EU-GMP standards related to Contract Giver responsibilities for inspections and chapter 5 of the EU-GMP guidance related to on-site audits.

We are hoping that this will enable us to continue to interact with our new customers during these difficult times so that we can work together to bring vital medicines to market. With this in mind, we would like to reassure all our customers that we are doing our utmost to support them throughout this turbulent time. We are also taking the correct steps to follow governmental recommendations whilst at the same time working to mitigate any disruptions for new products being launched as soon as possible and to the benefit of the patients.

If you are a new customer but would like to get involved, please contact our sales team at Recipharm on: