Relocating API supply to avoid over-reliance

Europe’s reliance on active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) which are not manufactured domestically is now under the spotlight more than ever. Recent world events have led to several governments trying to influence companies to relocate their API and pharmaceutical production back to Europe, if not their home country.  

COVID-19 has exposed the fragility of the global supply chain, putting immense pressure on companies to monitor certain parts of the pharmaceutical supply chain and ultimately mitigate the risk of supply chain shortages. European contract development and manufacturing organisations (CDMOs), such as Recipharm, have played an important role in supporting the rest of the continent’s pharma industry during the pandemic. By maintaining and extending production capacity of APIs for third parties CDMOs have been able to ensure the continued smooth function of the supply chain and make sure patients have access to the medication they need. 

Our Executive Vice President – Strategy and Global Integration, Jean-François Hilaire discusses the supply of APIs and the impact of COVID-19, in an interview with Pharmaceutical Outsourcing.

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