Renewing the industry’s interest in inhaled drug delivery

Unmet patient needs and ongoing advances in science and technology are the growth engines behind inhalation therapy.

Recent years have seen renewed interest in inhaled drug delivery, with advances helping to pique the interest of today’s manufactures and resulting in more patient-centric products. These developments include improvements in device technology, better container closure systems, a move towards more environmentally friendly propellants, new excipients, enhancements in particle engineering technology, as well as the introduction of smart add-on devices. 

The development of a successful inhalation product requires the involvement of multiple disciplines, including device, particle and formulation technologies, aerosol and manufacturing sciences, and regulatory expertise. The production of inhalable particles adds additional complexities, with inhalation drugs requiring free-flowing particles with even morphology and surface properties for best performance. Due to the extent of the challenges involved, companies are increasingly looking to outsourced service providers like Recipharm to support them in delivering better particle properties and more manageable formulations.

Interview with Lei Mao, Director of Inhalation Science and Product Development at Recipharm. 

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