Solving the inhalation drug combination conundrum

Demand for inhalation products with multiple APIs has surged in recent years as companies rise to the challenge of meeting the needs of respiratory patients worldwide.

To develop a successful combination drug product, it is crucial to choose the right manufacturing technique, which will depend on the dosage form you choose.

Combination inhalation drug products – offering multiple active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in one – open up a world of opportunities for companies looking to design treatments that are not only more effective but work better with patients’ busy lives. 

However, developing these solutions isn’t without its complexities. They are harder to develop than standard inhalation products with a single API meaning specialist development knowledge is needed to ensure products reach the market successfully. 

Lei Mao, Director of Inhalation Science and Product Development at Recipharm, discusses the complex landscape of developing and manufacturing combination products and the importance of engaging experts in an article with Pharma File.

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