The state of the oral solid dose development and manufacturing market

Today, demand is for more flexible solid manufacturing capacity… The challenge lies in being able to adapt current operations to offer more flexible manufacturing operations.

While oral solid dose (OSD) products may seem unfashionable compared with the steep increase in new biopharmaceutical products, the opportunity they present in extending product lifecycles, and thereby leveraging growth potential, ensures they remain popular. Manufacturers are increasingly employing various life cycle management patent strategies, including the development of new drug formulations such as extended, controlled, or rapid release formulations.
Today, there is growing interest for more specialised products often with relatively low production volumes, as well as a continued interest in new products with improved properties based on old drug substances. Although globally there is a lot of manufacturing capacity for solid dosage forms, much of this capacity was designed to suite the old ‘blockbuster’ paradigm. As a result, many manufacturers are looking to work with CDMOs like Recipharm that can offer more flexible solid manufacturing capacity. 
Feature contribution by Torkel Gren, Senior Director and Science and Technology Officer at Recipharm 

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