Tackling complexity in scale up

Demand for outsourcing pharmaceutical formulation development is on the rise. While this is being driven by innovative biologic and cell and gene therapy products, small molecules will continue to represent the majority of prescribed drugs and are a major driver for CDMO market success.

Our end-to-end development and manufacturing offering is one of the advantages of working with Recipharm as it means we can simplify a molecule’s journey to market.

A noteable trend is the growing interest in orphan drugs and other specialised treatments, based on already existing molecules. In an article with Drug Development and Delivery, Recipharm’s Science & Technology Officer, Torkel Gren, discusses a recent partnership with Lobsor Pharmaceutical AB, to develop a treatment for advanced Parkinson’s Disease using existing molecules. 

Combining multiple APIs into one formulation can of course create many challenges due to the potential risk of API interaction, among other factors. Recipharm’s case study with Lobsor Pharmaceutical AB explores how these challenges can be overcome.

To read the full article, see here.