Taking an innovative approach to analytical chemistry

By ensuring that the extensive needs of analytical testing are met to the fullest, CDMOs can help their customers to optimise lifecycle management and reduce time-to-market for many important medicines.

Analytical testing is a critical element at every stage of drug development and the market for these contract services has grown rapidly. Many factors are attributed to this, including a growing preference from drug developers to redirect resources to focus on core activities, as well as increasing time pressures and in-house capacity issues. 

The way in which drug developers approach analytical chemistry is crucial, as this ultimately drives efficiencies in development programmes and significantly impacts the timelines in which new products reach the market.

In an article published by Manufacturing Chemist, Recipharm’s Senior Director of Analytical Development, Ramesh Jagadeesan discusses how CDMOs are bringing innovation to analytical testing and how this may help to expedite times-to-market for many novel medicines. Click here to read the full article.