Time and cost-effective solubility improvement

There are several novel approaches to improving bioavailability and solubility that have one commonality: they treat each molecule as unique. 

Recipharm’s approach is to use conventional technologies whenever possible, as this will usually be more time- and cost-effective.

The most important factor to consider when trying to overcome solubility issues and advances in bioavailability is low-potency APIs. Low potency works against solubility en-hancement in two ways. First, higher concentrations of API are required if the dose is high. Secondly, smaller quanti¬ties of solubility enhancer can be added to the dosage form, if the dose is high. 

Here at Recipharm, we have extensive experience in achieving solubility improvements in formulations for pre-clinical and first-in-human studies. We have found it useful to perform theoretical evaluation, before testing prototypes representing different approaches. This is followed by an optimization phase. This has helped avoid using more ad¬vanced or complex technologies unless they are necessary. 

In an article with Drug Development and Delivery, our Senior Director, Technology Officer & Strategic Investments, Torkel Gren, discusses more here.