Development and delivery challenges of viscous formulations

From purification of drug substance to delivery to the patient

One of the key issues that is currently preventing self-administration of viscous injectable formulations is that the drug delivery device technologies needed to facilitate easy administration have not been readily available. The devices required to allow patients to deliver such formulations need to ensure that the needle is fine enough to ensure the patient is comfortable but also wide enough to deliver viscous material by applying the minimum amount of force . However, several new technologies now exist that can deliver highly viscous formulations through surprisingly fine needles. That being said, there remains some significant hurdles to overcome in order to make these mediations readily available to patients and the focus now also has to be shifted upstream to the challenges with both the drug product and drug substance.

In the presentation our team will also cover the drug delivery device technologies that Bespak by Recipharm has developed to address the challenges faced with viscous formulation, as well as outline the other areas that should be considered during the development of products with these characteristics.

Key Learning Objectives
  • Communicate the key considerations when developing viscous formulations
  • Build awareness of solutions and mitigations for viscous formulation challenges
  • Learn about some of the existing drug delivery technologies and solutions for viscous formulations
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