Moving from device concept to commercial - industrialising with technology

Selecting the right device and building a manageable supply chain with an innovative drug product can create a patient centric solution. This webinar will discuss the process and risks of industrialising a unique device concept bringing together the design aspect, manufacturing, suitability and regulatory to bring your combination product to market.

In this webinar Miles Kottman, Alliance Manager at Bespak by Recipharm and Neil Cropper, Head of Programme Management at Bespak by Recipharm will cover the following key learning objectives.

  • Understand how best to introduce a device to product development
  • Understand the process of moving from device concept to commercial scales – critical steps and risk considerations
  • Learn about the latest manufacturing processes and trends
  • Overview into device design with considerations of combination product regulatory guidance
Watch the webinar by registering for on-demand below.