Tomorrow’s medicines with today’s drug substances

Join us for a free webinar presented by Torkel Gren, Science and Technology Officer at Recipharm and Aaron Small, Vice President Global Development Sales.

Key learning objectives
  • How to achieve product exclusivity and shorter development timelines through drug delivery innovation
  • The importance of understanding patient needs
  • The need for collaboration between formulation, regulatory affairs, patient and marketing experts
  • A case study involving an advanced fixed dose combination product for patients with Parkinson’s disease will also be discussed.
Meeting patient needs faster 

Developing new pharmaceutical products is difficult in today’s environment. Products based on new chemical entities (NCEs) have the potential to generate huge profits, but the development process is long (often 10 years), costs are high (about $ 1 billion) and the risk of failure is great. In contrast, the development of generics is faster and much less costly. However, profits are generally small with a decreasing trend due to fierce competition.

An interesting segment is new products using new dosage forms and existing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) - known as “drug delivery innovation.’ Such products offer an alternative as development timelines are shorter, costs are significantly less, and a certain degree of market exclusivity can be gained. Consequently, these products can be highly profitable.