Recipharm launches into biologics manufacturing

Swedish biomanufacturing facility transfers from AstraZeneca to Recipharm Biologics AB

Recipharm AB, one of the leading contract development and manufacturing organisations, takes its first step into biologics manufacturing with the formal transfer of a majority stake in the AstraZeneca Biotech Laboratory (ABL) to its new subsidiary, Recipharm Biologics AB. The transaction completed on 1 January 2009. This modern facility adds mammalian recombinant protein and monoclonal antibody development and production capabilities to the group’s existing biopharmaceutical services.

AstraZeneca will retain a significant minority stake in the new company and under the terms of the arrangement, Recipharm will lease the ABL from AstraZeneca for an initial period of 12 years, purchasing all associated equipment and employing the existing staff.

This latest purchase follows the company’s recent acquisition (August 2008) of lyophilisation facilities from Inotech Labor AG, located in Basel, Switzerland. Combined, these enable Recipharm to offer a one-stop bio-manufacturing shop, taking customers’ projects from cell-line development based on their gene of interest, right through to their finished products for pre-clinical and early clinical studies.

Thomas Eldered, CEO and Managing Director, Recipharm commented, “Biologics is a growth area and we are pleased to add this capability to our suite of biomanufacturing services. This state-of-the art, biopharmaceutical development and GMP production facility adds a significant new component to our offering, as we can now provide contract drug development and production services for both small and large molecular drugs. This, in turn, strengthens our overall position as a major partner in the contract development and manufacturing services market.”

About Recipharm
Recipharm is a leading contract development and manufacturing organisation based in Europe. The Company now operates nine main manufacturing facilities in Sweden, France, the UK and Switzerland and is headquartered near Stockholm. Recipharm supplies the global biopharmaceuticals market with in excess of six hundred different products in multiple dosage forms that include solid dose granulates and powders, steriles, semi solids, beta-lactams, hormones and dry powder inhalers.

The Company has also just announced that it has acquired the Fontaine-Les-Dijon manufacturing facility in France from Laboratoires Fournier, a subsidiary of Solvay Pharmaceuticals.