FLEXITAB™ Breakable controlled release tablets

FLEXITAB™ is an innovative, cost-effective and commercially validated drug delivery platform. FLEXITAB™ technology generates novel, patent protected life-cycle management opportunities from Safer to Use™ breakable, alcohol resistant extended release tablets.

Conventional extended release tablets may ‘dose dump’ their contents if broken or exposed to alcohol. This can lead to overdose and dangerous side effects.

FLEXITAB™ tablets maintain their drug release profile when broken and are alcohol insensitive, making them Safer to Use™ tablets for the patient.

Recipharm_FLEXITAB_double scored  tablet design.jpgFLEXITAB™ is suitable for strengths of 10 mg to 1,000 mg. A double scored FLEXITAB™ tablet design is shown to the right capabable of generating 4 tablet strengths.

FLEXITAB™ offers:
  • Cost-effective new product development and life-cycle management strategies backed by robust patents
  • Differentiation: New label claims based on Safer to Use™ tablet performance and novel tablet designs
  • New dosage strengths unavailable in the market
  • Dosing flexibility: Multi-step titration from the minimum number of tablets, enabling greater physician control and reduced pharmacy costs for patients
  • Improved compliance: Easy swallowing for the young and elderly
  • Peace of mind: For the physician, care-giver and patient that dose dumping will not occur if patients deliberately or inadvertently break their tablets

In vitro dissolution data demonstrates that FLEXITAB™ tablet performance is unaffected by alcohol concentrations up to 40% whether intact or broken. FLEXITAB™ technology thereby complies with EU guidance on alcohol resistance.

Recipharm_Effects of alcohol on FLEXITAB™ dissolution.jpg


<< This graph shows the amount of drug liberated from intact and broken FLEXITAB™ tablets after 2 hours of dissolution testing.


Recipharm holds the exclusive European rights to work with FLEXITAB™ technology.

Partnering with Recipharm provides:
  • Access to exclusive European licensing rights for novel FLEXITAB™ products to suit your new product and life-cycle management needs
  • Product modelling and design
  • Formulation development and testing
  • Clinical batch manufacturing from Phase I to Phase III
  • Clinical trial services
  • Commercial development and registration batch production
  • Commercial manufacturing at competitive prices
  • Single point of contact through-out your project
Release profile of FLEXITAB™ tablet intact or broken
Recipharm_FLEXITAB_Release profile.jpg