INTELLITAB™ Misuse and abuse deterrent technology

INTELLITAB™ is a patent protected misuse and abuse deterrent technology that mitigates the harm to patients that occurs through inadvertent or deliberate tampering with their narcotic or stimulant medications.

Sales of such medications are increasing rapidly in Europe and there is a well established link between sales volumes and abuse prevalence. INTELLITAB™ offers a cost-effective strategy to bring safe and effective products to patients while reducing the risk of harm from misuse and abuse.

Recipharm_INTELLITAB_Total opioid consumption EU regional.jpgINTELLITAB™ offers:
  • Immediate release or extended release tablets. Misuse and abuse can occur with both tablet forms
  • A range of delivery profiles for both single or dual active tablets: INTELLITAB™ can generate tablets bioequivalent to existing products and achieve new delivery profiles
  • Tablets hardened to resist chewing and physical manipulation: most misuse and abuse occurs by swallowing chewed or physically damaged tablets
  • Tablets to inhibit drug absorption through insufflation (snorting). Grinding and snorting narcotic tablets gives faster more extreme euphoria. INTELLITAB™ tablets form gels to defeat such attempts
  • Tablets that resist drug extraction from ground tablets and intravenous injection. Injection of drug exracted from tablets gives an immediate high but is highly dangerous INTELLITAB™ tablets can prevent drug extraction and injection

INTELLITAB™ tablets crushed in a pill crusher maintained controlled release after oral administration with peak drug concentrations not occurring for 4 hours. Peak concentrations were no greater than those of the immediate release tablets given every 6 hours (IR Q6).

INTELLITAB™ tablets are designed to prevent euphoria after snorting, and to resist drug extraction and injection, properties mediated by the hard gel that forms if tablets are subjected to grinding.

Appearance of INTELLITAB™ tablets after attempts to crush them with various household implements below.

Recipharm_INTELLITAB tablets after attempts tocrush.png

Recipharm holds the exclusive European rights to work with FLEXITAB™ technology.

Partnering with Recipharm provides:
  • Access to exclusive European licensing rights for novel INTELLITAB™ products to suit your new product and life-cycle management needs
  • Product modelling and design
  • Formulation development and testing
  • Clinical batch manufacturing from Phase I to Phase III
  • Clinical trial services
  • Commercial development and registration batch production
  • Commercial manufacturing at competitive prices
  • Single point of contact through-out your project