Business overview

Supporting pharmaceutical companies of all sizes with their outsourced requirements, our company operates in two core areas:

Development & Technology

Our development & technology division offers clients a comprehensive range of services, with the aim of supporting the customer from the initial product concept to the approved pharmaceutical drug, in some cases, through various forms of risk sharing. 

Within this business area, there is also a portfolio of product rights, which form the basis of distribution through external partners. Through an integrated knowledge exchange between Recipharm’s manufacturing and development units, the skills and experience we have are used to improve the development organisation. Furthermore, this operating model helps to achieve a degree of efficiency and ensures quality when a pharmaceutical drug transitions from the development phase through to manufacturing phase.


Recipharm's largest business stream is manufacturing services. Our pharmaceutical manufacturing expertise means we can deliver a large number of pharmaceuticals in a variety of dosage forms, requiring the use of a broad range of technologies. 

As part of our manufacturing services, we also provide our customers with a comprehensive packaging service in a large number of variants. We also help our customers by simplifying their processes and managing complexities. We do this by offering additional services such as quality assurance, regulatory services and logistics solutions, including Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

For many of our clients that utilise our manufacturing capabilities, it is important that we have a solid foundation in drug development. We are proud to possess a broad range of pharmaceutical expertise that is essential in developing and supplying a drug product.