International assignments

During 2017, Recipharm filled it's first four positions in collaboration with Business France to promote the international assignment and development of young professionals. All four assignees were French nationals who worked on our sites in Uppsala (Sweden), Jordbro (Sweden), Ashton (UK) and Bengaluru (India), helping to support us in different projects and areas. 

As part of the cooperation between Recipharm and Business France, Recipharm provides the assignments and Business France act as the employer for the assignees. This setup is a part of the French International Internship Program (V.I.E. – Volontariat International en Entreprises), created in September 2001 under the leadership of the French Ministry for Foreign Trade.

The V.I.E program is managed by Business France, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy. The program allows companies with operations in France to recruit and send young European graduates, between the ages of 18 and 28, on international working assignments for 6 to 24 months. Recipharm assignees are employed initally for 12 months and are then evaluated.

*Recruitment for a second round of assignments at Recipharm is ongoing but the application process has now closed.

Below some of our first V.I.E assignees talk about their experience of working within the various areas and teams of Recipharm.

Recipharm meet our employees_Robin H
Robin Holowka

Robin Holowka

Deployment Project Manager, Stockholm, Sweden

Recipharm has been a great workplace so far.

I have been working as an assignee Deployment Project Manager for the serialisation project at the Stockholm site in Jordbro since Ocotber 2017. The office there is perfect when having many recurrent meetings and phone calls. It is quiet and a great environment that helps me to stay focused, hence efficient. 

Teams and colleagues on all sites and at all levels are supportive and everyone is involved in making this serialisation project a success for Recipharm and our customers.

I have the feeling that everyone is working towards the same goal, and although spread over more than twenty sites, Recipharm is clearly one strong entity.

On a more practical and daily basis, my feeling is that the global organisation is very efficient. Everything required to perform well in our roles and avoid wasting time is provided fast and tailored to our needs, and this helps a lot.

I have previously worked in different industries, therefore the pharmaceutical field and environment was totally new to me.

My mission is very broad and new challenges come along everyday with the deployment of serialisation on sites. My work and my duties are constantly evolving, and thus I am sure I will keep on learning a lot.

Aside from work, I am also learning Swedish. I think it is always interesting to learn a new language, and it is also important to show the will to settle in well in the country you are living in.

Being a deployment manager includes working with a lot of different sites, countries and therefore cultures.

It is not always easy to manage these differences and everyone has to try and be flexible to meet at a common agreement and work towards maintaing the company's global policy. This also requires very frequent and clear communication with a lot of different people that are non-English native speakers. Communication has to be therefore constantly adapted.

Finally, I didn’t expect to travel that much for my mission, but this is definitely a great surprise!

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Recipharm meet our employees_Francoise B
Françoise Bevillard

Françoise Bevillard

Analytical Chemist, Uppsala Development, Sweden

A lack of technical scientific resources for my research projects in previous positions, helped me to develop a curiosity in the CDMO sector.

This sector represents the perfect environment for high tech science. I did a period of research on international CDMOs and ranked Recipharm at the top of a list of companies I would be willing to join. They've had extraordinary growth over the past years, a global presence and a diversity of services. I was following job opportunities in the analytical chemistry field for junior positions, and to my biggest surprise a position opened after just a few months and it turned out it was a V.I.E. position. V.I.E programs are well known in France and offer the opportunity for young workers to enter a company at junior level with a very advantageous contract. So what a great combination of opportunities to join the company I was seeking, in the field of my interest and with a very competitive contract.

The scientific platform is rich with top analytical instruments so I am really evolving in an ideal professional environment.

To top it off, the experience of working in Uppsala (Sweden) includes working with 40 colleagues from 18 nationalities, so very international. And not to mention the scientific platform which is rich with top analytical instruments, so I am really evolving in an ideal professional environment.

During my job interview, I presented my interest to work in the field of antibodies.

It was in fact fitting with the needs of the site to reinforce the ADC (antibody-drug conjugates) team, as antibodies are a fast rising global market. Not only am I learning a lot about the analysis of antibodies and ADCs but I was also able to continue the master thesis of a past student for an internal research project on peptide quantification. Both these projects offer me a lot of daily challenges and motivation.

The diversity of the techniques and the multi-disciplinary has been a surprise.

I was imagining somehow the lab would be more focused on fundamental R&D, but it was a great surprise to discover the analytical team are running a lot of projects on biological samples extraction. This is something I've never worked with  before and I sometimes support the team with those biological extraction projects, which enriches my experience even more.

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Recipharm meet our employees_Guillaume H
Guillaume Hery

Guillaume Hery

Quality Systems Coordinator, Bengaluru, India

Recipharm in Bengaluru is a good company to work for.

The campus plant is immense, installations and gardens are beautiful and well maintained. With the permanent, beautiful weather, it is a pleasure to come here each day. People from Recipharm have been very welcoming sice my start as an assignee Quality Systems Coordinator in October 2017 and they all seem to be very competent.

The interesting part for me is that it’s only the beginning and I have still many things to learn.

Since graduating from my degree in August 2017, I have learnt a lot of new things.

This is my first job, so everything is new. I am learning new things about the pharmaceutical language, acronyms, and procedures, quality management, agreements, APQR, project management, licenses etc. The interesting part for me is that it’s only the beginning and I have still many things to learn.

Because of my studies, nothing has really surpised me about this position.

I already had an understanding of all the different roles within the pharmaceutical industry, whether in the plant, the QA office or in the QC laboratory.  Working here is similar to everywhere else, the staff know their job well and they perform it as best as possible and professionally. The one thing which has surprised me the most since being placed in India is the country itself, which has been a really interesting experience overall.

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