Safety, health and environment

Recipharm operates to the highest environmental and occupational standards. We are certified or actively working to ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 on the majority of our sites and support services. 

Environmental policy

We strive to be a responsible pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organisation by providing environmental and long-term sustainable services. 

We will therefore:

  • Work to have an efficient use of all materials.
  • Prevent pollution and reduce carbon emissions by actively working to minimise our use of energy, waste production and the effects of chemicals.
  • Identify and minimise environmental risks from our activities.
  • Comply with all relevant legal and other requirements that we subscribe to.
  • Train and encourage our employees in environmental awareness.
  • Encourage our customers and suppliers to take responsibility for their environmental impact.
  • Continually improve our environmental performance through our Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001.

In summary, our environmental work will contribute to the long-term sustainable development of our society and community.