Working at Recipharm

Recipharm is an international operation involving several different companies, each with its own local character. The overall business culture is strongly characterised by the entrepreneurial spirit built up during the early years of the company. Amongst other ways, this finds expression in a far-reaching autonomy for the individual companies in the Group and the fostering of strong local ties and adaptation. 

The Recipharm model of independent manufacturing and development companies means we can maintain the small-scale character which allows individuals to be more visible. Despite the fact that the Group is growing, companies maintain a reasonable size meaning that decision-making pathways are still short.

Advantages of working within Recipharm

As a Recipharm employee, you get to work in an exciting and extensive sector with interesting products which contribute to health and well-being in society. The products we make generate added value for a large number of individuals. 

Recipharm’s development has been very positive and stable and continues to be so. This is due to one of the company’s strengths; its flexibility and capacity to adapt its operation to the real situation. 

Recipharm respects people and the environment. Environmental and working environment efforts are an important part of the operation which we take very seriously. With few exceptions, all plants are certified according to ISO standards of working environment, quality and environment.

What opportunities does Recipharm offer?

We are constantly working to find ways of continuous improvement, which means we can offer a wide range of different positions at different levels within the Group.
A growing company offers entirely new professional opportunities and challenges on all levels to those who want them. We do things ourselves, which offers challenges and creates involvement – for the right people. 
Because Recipharm is an international group, there is the opportunity for employees to move between its various companies.

Can you match up with our core values? 

Tenacity - We like our employees to show commitment to the work in order to achieve set goals; not giving up too easily, but working to try and find different solutions.

Professionalism – We want to maintain a high level of competence so that our partners get a return on their investment. We are flexible, maintaining a high level of service and always trying to find the best solution. We learn from our mistakes. We show respect for customers, partners, managers, colleagues and other interested parties.

Reliability - We generate confidence by always sticking to what we promise. We are reliable and make quality deliveries at the appointed time. We are honest, always sticking to our ethical rules.

Entrepreneurship – We develop our operation in an innovative and creative fashion. We are open to change but understand this may take time to achieve. We have the attitude that “nothing is impossible”.