We offer analysis of biological samples from all types of studies. We have experience of working with non-clinical dose formulation analysis (NCDFA) and we also perform method development and qualification of bioanalytical methods.

Our bioanalytical services include:
  • Method development for partners without their own bioanalysis method, or method transfer for existing methods.
  • The highest quality bioanalytical services for qualitative and quantitative drug and metabolite analysis in a variety of matrices
  • Bioanalysis of biomarkers
  • Support for preclinical studies 
  • Dosing solution analysis 
  • Synthesis of internal standards, either stable isotope-labelled or suitable analogue
  • Automated 96-well sample processing and analysis
  • Cutting edge technology with automated and analytical instrumentation (high sensitivity and specificity with LC-MS/MS).

Other bioanalytical services are also offered. This may include analysis of tissue and cell cultures, protein binding and small series with many analytes.

For an integrated phase I solution our Recipharm Pathway to Clinic® offering takes new molecules seamlessly and speedily from formulation development to first in human (FIH) studies, including bioanalysis. Find out more.

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