DSCSA deadline | our views

Today (Monday 27th November 2017) marks the original deadline date for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). While the FDA has granted a one-year grace period before it will actively enforce the new requirements, preparing for US serialization should still be a priority.

A proactive approach is absolutely vital to ensure long term compliance with the regulations.


Contract manufacturers play a vital role in ensuring the continuous supply of vital medicines, yet they have a particularly complex challenge to tackle due to the variety of product and customer demands they must meet.

Today we announced that three more of our facilities are equipped and ready for the DSCSA, bringing the total number of sites to nine. Read more in inPharmaTechnologist here.

In addition, Erik Haeffler, Recipharm’s Vice President of Manufacturing Services, comments on the DSCSA and the impact a lack of preparedness may have in European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer.