Mergers and acquisitions | meeting customer demand

The pharmaceutical industry has changed significantly over the last two decades. Pressure to drive down costs and reduce internal capital investment has led to a sharp rise in the number of companies strategically integrating outsourced development and manufacturing services into their business model on a long-term basis instead of outsourcing based on ad-hoc requirements.

There has been an increasing reliance on full service providers and Recipharm has evolved and grown with a strong merger and acquisition strategy.


Customers now look for a broad range of outsourcing services from one supplier and are keen to outsource entire projects, from development to commercial manufacture, as oppose to single services. In this Q&A with European Pharmaceutical Review, Mark Quick, executive vice president of corporate development at Recipharm discusses how Recipharm has been tackling these new demands through a strong merger and acquisition strategy designed to increase capacity, capability and offer local presence to its customers.

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